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Price: £15.00

Details: 11.2x24 tyres, 15.00 each

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12.4x24 wheels

Price: £100.00

Details: used 12.4x24 wheels off CaseIH 885, will fit most other tractors, 100.00 each

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420 tyres

Price: £350.00

Details: new Mitas 420-70R24 tyres @ 350.00 each

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Price: £25.00

Details: zetor front wheel 650x16, one pair only..25.00 each

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750/16 wheels

Price: £25.00

Details: 750x16 tractor front wheels 25.00 each

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9.00x16 Tyre

Price: £35.00

Details: new (take off) 9.00x16 10ply tractor front/trailer tyre, one only

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Axle with Wheels

Price: £195.00

Details: 11.5x15.3 Wheels and Tyres on axle

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tractor tyres

Price: £150.00

Details: 9.00-16 new complete front wheels 150.00 each

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