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Muck spreaders


Connor 800

Price: £1,575.00

Details: Connor 800 rota spreader, bit rusty but in good working order, handy price!!

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Price: £2,200.00

Details: Fleming 450 rota spreader with Hyd lid, excellent condition

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Price: £2,900.00

Details: 4.5 Rota Spreader, a well made handy size spreader for the smaller in stock

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Fleming MS 1000

Price: £5,400.00

Details: New Fleming MS1000 Rota Sreader on big wheels with lights, Galv lid and fittings ect..only one left at this ones up 350.00

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Fleming MS 15

Price: £1,700.00

Details: New model just out!, made to suit 25-45hp tractors, ideal for small farms/parks ect ..simple to use and maintain..

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Fleming MS700

Price: £4,300.00

Details: New Fleming MS700 rota spreader with lights and galvenised lid 4300.00 on 385x22.5 tyres or 4500.00 on Tractor tread tyres

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Frazer 550

Price: £1,500.00

Details: Frazer 550 Rota Spreader, serviced and ready for work

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Marshall MS105

Price: Please call

Details: The Ultimate rota spreader, New Marshall MS105 Galvanised high capacity rota spreader

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Marshall MS60

Price: £2,500.00

Details: Marshall MS60 rota spreader, repainted, serviced, new front and rear bearings fitted...ready for work.

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Marshall MS75

Price: £4,800.00

Details: New Marshall MS75 spreaders on 400 tyres now in stock

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