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Hurlimann Tractors

If what you look for in a tractor is versatility, optimum power-to-weight ratio and high levels of efficiency, especially at the power take-off, then take a good look at the Hürlimann XA: versatile, multi-capable, exceptionally comfortable, innovatively engineered (and with looks to match, like any self-respecting Hürlimann!), the XA is offered with a wide range of engines and equipment packages, from the compact 56 — optimised for yard and transport duties — to the more powerful 86, a machine more than equal to the heavy demands of primary tillage.

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Prestige 488T

Price: £17,000.00

Details: 03 reg, 40k,3 spools, very clean just had full service, ready to go

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Prince 45

Price: £17,500.00

Details: 66 reg, 45 hp compact 4-wheel drive, only done 80 hrs from new, just been fitted with new power loader, great little Tractor

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XA 105 T5

Price: Please call

Details: New Hurlimann XA105 T5, Full Spec, first one in the UK!

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XA 90 Spirit

Price: £41,000.00

Details: New Hurlimann XA90 Spirit T5, a low-tech high-quality machine, one in stock but we could be waiting nearly a year for our next one!

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Price: £23,000.00

Details: 59 reg, 3 speed power shift, Hi Vis roof, wide tyres, ex veg farm

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Price: £26,000.00

Details: 09 reg, 3 speed power shift, std shuttle, wide tyres... small in size but big on spec!!

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XB 105 T5

Price: Please call

Details: New Hurlimann XB105 T5 now in stock, a well built well specked tractor.

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XB125 T5

Price: Please call

Details: New Hurlimann XB125 T5 on 38" tyres, premium spec, in stock

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Price: £23,000.00

Details: 06 reg, Hurlimann XB95, 3 speed power shift, power shuttle,4 D/A spools, power back hitch, one local owner from new

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XF 70

Price: Please call

Details: New XF70 narrow tractor, 4ft wide, Big Tyres Light footprint, this one is now sold but can supply to order, ask for more details

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Price: Please call

Details: New Hurlimann XL.K135, first model with the new CVT speed lock gearbox, full suspension 50k, ring for more info..

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XT 110

Price: £22,000.00

Details: 05 reg, Cab suspension, one owner from new, a good example of this popular tractor!

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Price: £27,000.00

Details: 09 reg, power shuttle, power shift, 540 rear tyres, new front tyres, this model was our top seller when new!

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XT110 GS HiLine

Price: £34,000.00

Details: 61 Reg, air con, Sigma4 Loader, Control Arm, Ex Yorkshire Farm as seen on TV.

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