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Explorer 3 100

Price: £24,000.00

Details: 07 reg,power shuttle, HiLo power shift 40K gearbox, front weights, excellent condition one owner tractor

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Explorer 70

Price: £8,800.00

Details: Explorer 70 2 wheel drive, ex stable yard tractor, fitted with Grays power loader with fork, a good to drive handy tractor !

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Explorer 80

Price: £5,800.00

Details: F reg,Same explorer 80, handy price 4 wheel drive

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silver 100.6

Price: £16,000.00

Details: 02 reg, 6cyl air cooled, front links, big tyres, 3 speed power shift..

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Silver 105

Price: £21,000.00

Details: 04 reg ,6 cyl, power shuttle, power shift on big tyres fitted with chilton front linkage, air con ..very clean condition

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silver 105

Price: £18,700.00

Details: 04 reg, 3 speed power shift std shuttle 40k, in good condition but down on tyres...a well metained tractor

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