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Price: £11,500.00

Details: R reg, Zetor 9540, HiLo splitter,a great 90s Tractor, gutsy performance, a future classic!

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Price: £12,500.00

Details: S reg, front links, HiLo splitter, these old Zetors just go on and on.. unstoppable!!

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Compax CL 35

Price: £18,500.00

Details: new Zetor CL35, Mac shuttle Gearbox, super little Tractor, very easy to climb on and drive!

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Crystal 170 HD

Price: £84,500.00

Details: New Crystal 170 HD, full supension, front links , full air braking, 4 elec spools..this is the Flagship Tractor in the Zetor Range..

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Forterra HD140

Price: £52,000.00

Details: 15 reg, spec incs full suspension, 4 D/A elec spools, air con, power shuttle, 3 speed power shift, auto shift, H/Duty power back hitch, front links ect

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Forterra HSX 120

Price: £49,500.00

Details: 19 reg, full spec fitted with top spec Sigma4 Titainium loader, a well maintained and looked after tractor

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Forterra HSX 140

Price: £33,500.00

Details: 13 reg, power shuttle, 3 speed power shift, air con, power back hitch, full set front weights, well shod.. built to work!

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Forterra106 41

Price: £27,000.00

Details: 57 reg,fitted with Sigma4 Loader, 3 speed power shift, clean tidy outfit

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HSX 100

Price: £48,500.00

Details: 17 reg, MX power loader, Air Con, 3 speed power shift, power shuttle, Heavy Weight loader Tractor

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Price: £61,750.00

Details: New Zetor HSX140, cab suspension, True 4 wheel braking, spec and performance without to much tech!!

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Major CL80

Price: £23,500.00

Details: 17 reg, 2 spools, wide tyres, Deutz engine, supplied new by ourselves, great little Tractor..light on fuel so cheap to run

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Proxima 120 HS

Price: £43,500.00

Details: New Proxima HS 120, spec includes power back hitch, 3 speed power shift and power add blue!

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Proxima 6421

Price: £14,200.00

Details: 59 reg, rare 2 wheel drive topless model, folding roll bar, PUH, on over size tyres

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Proxima 7441

Price: Please call

Details: 05 reg, wide tyres all round, 40k .. just arrived from local farm, can be sold as is or put through workshop to tidy up and fully service..ring for more info ..

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Proxima 90

Price: £32,500.00

Details: 16 reg, very low hrs, from riding stables, with Zetor ZL power loader..good outfit

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Proxima CL 110

Price: £41,000.00

Details: New Zetor Proxima CL110, 40k 12x12 Mac Shuttle Gearbox, no add blue..Built to perform !!

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Proxima GP110

Price: £36,000.00

Details: 19 reg, 40k splitter mac shuttle gear box, H Duty wheels, power back hitch ect, hi performance 110hp tractor

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Proxima HS120

Price: £42,000.00

Details: 66 reg, power shuttle, Sigma4 power loader, H Duty wheels, high performance 120hp tractor..

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Proxima HS120 premium

Price: £49,500.00

Details: New Premium HS120, full spec plus air con and elec hyds as standard now in stock

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Proxima HS80

Price: £33,000.00

Details: 67 reg, Zetor Proxima HS80 in as new condition, good saving on new price!.. supplied new by ourselves

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Proxima Plus 80

Price: Please call

Details: 67 reg, only done a few hundred hrs from new, mint condition

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Proxima Power 110

Price: £34,800.00

Details: 66 reg, power shuttle, very low hrs from new, power back hitch, as new condition

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