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Price: £9,500.00

Details: J reg, front links, new front tyres, great old tractor.. will keep going under the toughest of conditions!

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Crystal 160

Price: £51,000.00

Details: 17 reg, full spec Crystal 160 with front links and pto, excellent condition.

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Forterra 115

Price: £27,500.00

Details: 59 reg, Trac Lift power loader, one owner from new, Air Con, well shod.

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Forterra 135

Price: £29,500.00

Details: 11 reg, Zetor Forterra 135 with Sigma4 loader, one owner from new, this was the first model to be fitted with the 16 valve engine!

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Forterra 135

Price: £31,000.00

Details: 13 reg,a very clean one owner tractor, air con, Sigma4 loader

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Forterra HSX 120

Price: £38,000.00

Details: 65 reg, power shuttle 3 speed power shift 45k, air con, power back hitch, fitted with Sigma4 loader.. in excellent condition throughout.

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Forterra HSX 140 MR

Price: £57,000.00

Details: New Zetor HSX 140, cab and front axle suspension, the latest full M R spec with full 4 wheel braking and 50k over speed gearbox

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Forterra HSX120

Price: £34,000.00

Details: 64 reg, cab suspension, air con, Sigma4 high lift loader, one owner, full service history..

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HSX 140

Price: £32,000.00

Details: 14 reg,power shuttle, power shift, air con, centre drive front axle

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HSX 140

Price: £33,000.00

Details: 14 reg, Cab Suspension, Air Con, Power shift and power shuttle, low hrs

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Major 80

Price: £29,500.00

Details: New. Zetor Major 80 new style!, Deutz engine, high quality finish. ..the true stockman in stock

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Major HS 80

Price: £35,000.00

Details: New Major HS 80, 40k, power shuttle, splitter, Top of the range Major!

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Proxima 120 power

Price: £29,000.00

Details: 64 reg,only 691hrs from new, one local owner, elec hyds, 120 hp

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Proxima 95

Price: £23,000.00

Details: 60 reg,fitted with TracLift Loader, well shod, rear wheel weights.. good outfit

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Proxima HS80

Price: £33,000.00

Details: 67 reg, Zetor Proxima HS80 in as new condition, good saving on new price!.. supplied new by ourselves

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Proxima Plus 105

Price: £22,000.00

Details: 11 reg, Plus 105, 40k, 4 wheel braking, HiLo splitter, good tyres

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Proxima Power 95

Price: £25,000.00

Details: 09 reg, power shuttle, 3 speed power shift, TracLift power loader, good outfit

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Utilux 55

Price: £24,500.00

Details: New Zetor Utilux 55, air con cab, Hydro static Drive, ideal for park work ect..a premium spec small tractor!

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