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12ft grass harrows

Price: £700.00

Details: 12ft Grass Harrows, all most new condition

More 12ft grass harrows Details and Images

4 Rota Tedder

Price: £995.00

Details: 5.5 meter Hay Tedder, Hyd Folding, working order, a handy priced tedder..

More 4 Rota Tedder Details and Images

400 litre sprayer

Price: £1,250.00

Details: 400 Litre sprayer, 8 meter boom, heavy duty galv frame, well made and easy to use !

More 400 litre sprayer Details and Images

6ft Bucket

Price: £490.00

Details: New 6ft Buckets with euro brkts

More 6ft Bucket Details and Images


Price: Please call

Details: Mounted Chain Harrows ..Good quality British made ..sizes from 4ft to 16ft with the option of hyd folding on the 12ft,14ft and 16ft.......for more info please ring or email

More Beaconsfield Details and Images

Blaney X10

Price: £3,900.00

Details: New Blaney X10 bale unroller, only 6ft 2" wide, self tractor operation ! a low cost and easy way to feed round bales

More Blaney X10 Details and Images


Price: £2,200.00

Details: New Quad-X weed wipeout (weedwiper)the low cost way to treat weeds, no spray mist !!

More Blaney/Quad-X Details and Images

Dowswell 1050

Price: £375.00

Details: Dowswell 1050 rota spreader.old but in working order, needs a few chains.....will do a job !

More Dowswell 1050 Details and Images

Fert Spreader

Price: £750.00

Details: New 600 kg single disc fert spreader, a simple well made low cost fert spreader, why buy a used spreader when you can get new at this price ??

More Fert Spreader Details and Images

Fimaks Tub mixer

Price: £5,500.00

Details: Ideal for the smaller cattle/sheep sheds ect, low power requirement so can be used on smaller tractor making it altogether more nimble around yards.

More Fimaks Tub mixer Details and Images


Price: £2,300.00

Details: Fleming superfloat Toppers ...available in 7 and 8ft cut ,from 2300'00

More Fleming Details and Images


Price: £650.00

Details: 6Ft,6ft6in and 7ft Power Tip Heavy Duty Transport Boxes 650.00, 700.00 and 750.00

More Fleming Details and Images


Price: £270.00

Details: 4Ft Tipping Link Box 270 5Ft Tipping Link Box 290

More Fleming Details and Images


Price: £2,800.00

Details: 4.5 Rota Spreader, a well made handy size spreader for the smaller in stock

More Fleming Details and Images


Price: £990.00

Details: Fleming Double bale handler/transporter..only one left at this price !

More Fleming Details and Images


Price: £1,600.00

Details: new fleming 4ft shear grabs in stock

More Fleming Details and Images

Fleming 8ft roller

Price: £950.00

Details: New Fleming 9ft rollers in stock from 950.00

More Fleming 8ft roller Details and Images

Fleming Aerator

Price: £1,900.00

Details: Aerators 2.5 meter and 3 meter machines in stock from 1900.00

More Fleming Aerator Details and Images

Fleming MS 70

Price: £3,800.00

Details: New Fleming MS 70 rota spreader on wide ground friendly tyres, Galvanised fittings, power down lid

More Fleming MS 70 Details and Images

Fleming MS1000

Price: £4,800.00

Details: New Fleming MS 1000 rota spreader on big wheels..special offer price !!

More Fleming MS1000 Details and Images

Fleming Scrapers

Price: £490.00

Details: H Duty yard scrapers

More Fleming Scrapers Details and Images

Fleming TR6

Price: £3,400.00

Details: New Fleming TR6 6ton tipping trailer, special price

More Fleming TR6 Details and Images

Front PTO

Price: £995.00

Details: SDF front PTO kit to fit Hurlimann 910.6 or XT 105, SAME silver 100.6 / 105,Lambo 1060 ect

More Front PTO Details and Images


Price: £3,200.00

Details: Galfre 320/10, 350/10 and 420/10 single rota rakes in stock, quad axle for uneven ground conditions, strong and well made high speed rake, 3.2 meters working width,3.5 and 4.2 from 3200.00

More Galfre Details and Images

Gallignani 3690

Price: £12,500.00

Details: New Gallignani 3690 conventional baler, a high speed easy to use baler ideal for upland hay meadows, we have tested one on our farm so we can sell with confidence!!

More Gallignani 3690 Details and Images

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