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Price: £2,500.00

Details: Fleming 3 meter Aireator

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Price: £1,400.00

Details: new 8 ft H Duty land Rollers with scraper in stock

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Price: £1,400.00

Details: New Fleming H Duty 4ft grabs with Euro brkts

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Price: £1,090.00

Details: Fleming Hyd Double bale handler/transporter.

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Price: £720.00

Details: used Fleming 6 ft topper..done very little work.

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Fleming Bale Handler

Price: £920.00

Details: New Fleming Round Bale Handlers in stock with Brkts and pipes..

More Fleming Bale Handler Details and Images

Fleming HDG yard scraper

Price: £620.00

Details: Fleming heavy duty adjustable yard scraper,galv to last longer, built in A frame

More Fleming HDG yard scraper Details and Images

Fleming MS 1000

Price: £5,750.00

Details: New Fleming MS1000 Rota Sreader on big wheels with lights, Galv lid and fittings ect..

More Fleming MS 1000 Details and Images

Fleming MS 15

Price: £1,700.00

Details: New model just out!, made to suit 25-45hp tractors, ideal for small farms/parks ect ..simple to use and maintain..

More Fleming MS 15 Details and Images

Fleming MS1000

Price: £4,700.00

Details: Fleming MS1000, only done 2 seasons..almost as new!

More Fleming MS1000 Details and Images

Fleming MS450

Price: £2,300.00

Details: Fleming MS450 rota spreader, Hyd lid, in very good condition.good saving on new price!

More Fleming MS450 Details and Images

Fleming MS700

Price: £4,300.00

Details: New Fleming MS700 rota spreader with lights and galvenised lid 4300.00 on 385x22.5 tyres or 4500.00 on Tractor tread tyres

More Fleming MS700 Details and Images

Fleming TR10

Price: £8,500.00

Details: New Fleming TR10 Heavy Duty Dump Trailer..Very well built.

More Fleming TR10 Details and Images

Fleming TR12

Price: £12,500.00

Details: New Fleming TR12 silage Trailer, wide Wheels, Hyd back Door, in stock!

More Fleming TR12 Details and Images

Fleming TR4

Price: £2,850.00

Details: New Fleming TR4 4ton tipping trailer..this trailer is in stock with Field Agri at Western-Super-Mare, Somerset, Tel 07979 291960

More Fleming TR4 Details and Images

Fleming TR6

Price: £3,800.00

Details: New Fleming TR6 6ton tipping trailer, special price

More Fleming TR6 Details and Images

Fleming TR8

Price: £5,400.00

Details: New Fleming TR8 twin axle tipping trailers from 5400.00

More Fleming TR8 Details and Images

Frazer 8Ton Grain Trailer

Price: £2,200.00

Details: Frazer 8Ton Tipping trailer..a bit rusty but reasonably sound! handy price trailer

More Frazer 8Ton Grain Trailer Details and Images

Gallignani 3690

Price: £12,500.00

Details: New Gallignani 3690 conventional baler, a high speed easy to use baler ideal for upland hay meadows, we have tested one on our farm so we can sell with confidence!!

More Gallignani 3690 Details and Images


Price: £650.00

Details: Grays 4 ft Grab with Grays Brkts, can be fitted with different Brkts

More Grays Details and Images

HiSpec 800

Price: £2,300.00

Details: HiSpec 800 Rota Spreader, serviced and ready for work..

More HiSpec 800 Details and Images

Ifor Williams

Price: £1,800.00

Details: Ifor Williams HB510 R Horse Trailer, side door, divider ect, in very good condition

More Ifor Williams Details and Images


Price: £2,100.00

Details: Jarmet 3/4 pan mixer, side and rear shoot, PTO gearbox drive, strong and well made !

More Jarmet Details and Images


Price: £800.00

Details: Keenan Diet Feeder, not done much work..been parked up for a few years...sold as seen for spares or repair..priced to sell!

More Keenan Details and Images

Krone KW 5.52

Price: £3,800.00

Details: Krone KW 5.52 4 rota Tedder, very good condition

More Krone KW 5.52 Details and Images

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