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Marshall BC 21 Stock Transporter

Price: Please call

Details: 21 ft bale trailer with cattle container...the cost effective way of moving livestock around the farm and to market, tow with tractor at a sensible speed on red diesel..better for you and the livestock !!

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Marshall BC21

Price: £5,400.00

Details: New Marshall BC21 bale trailer in stock @ 5400.00 also BC25 on super singles also in stock for immediate delivery

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Marshall MS60

Price: £2,200.00

Details: Marshall MS60 rota spreader, repainted and ready to use..

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Marshall MS60

Price: £2,000.00

Details: Marshall MS60 Rota Spreader, big wheels, in good working order

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Price: Please call

Details: New McCauley 25ft low load trailer, we are now dealers for McCauley Trailers !! ring for more details

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Price: £900.00

Details: McHale Bale slitter with Chilton loader Brkts, good condition

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MetalFach (by Zetor UK)

Price: £13,500.00

Details: New Round Baler, H/Duty pickup reel with side augers and feed in forks, net and sting, makes 4ft bale, on wide tyres, a well made and easy to use Round Baler designed for upland farms..only needs a 80hp tractor upfront ! in stock now

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Minos Agri

Price: £6,500.00

Details: New 3 meter discs with hyd crumbler, a heavy duty well made machine at the right price

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MX T10

Price: £3,500.00

Details: MX power loader to fit Hurlimann XM 4cyl, Deutz K series, Same Vurtus ect

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Quad trailer

Price: £550.00

Details: New Quad bike trailer..made to suite cumbrian conditions, special offer price !!

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Richard Western

Price: £6,800.00

Details: 12 ton silage trailer on big wheels, good condition

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Sigma 4 Loaders

Price: Please call

Details: Sigma Colour matched Loaders...we can now offer New Sigma loaders colour matched in blue, green and red to match your tractor .

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Teagle XT46

Price: £650.00

Details: Teagle XT46,good working order

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Tipping Trailer

Price: £1,200.00

Details: 3 Ton Tipping Trailer, sound condition

More Tipping Trailer Details and Images


Price: £2,000.00

Details: Twoose Twin Leg sub soiler, done very little work, in good condition

More Twoose Details and Images

Welger RP12S

Price: £2,500.00

Details: Welger RP12S, Nett and String..Export Price!

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